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13 July 2014
Being set apart as a business is more important than ever before, but does the horizon of the fast lube industry look the same throughout the world?... Read More
3 June 2014
200 Winners in the 2nd Lucky With Petromin Express
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26 May 2014
The First 100 Winners of Petromin Express Campaign
With the present of the chamber of commerce representative Mr. Emad Baneamah, Petromin Express perform the first lucky draw for the first 100 winner... Read More
6 May 2013
Dealers' Agencies Obliged to Maintain Consumers' Vehicles – MCI Says
MCI stressed that a commercial agent, dealers or/ and importers of vehicles and other equipment, are obliged to repair and provide necessary mainte... Read More
20 February 2012
Mighty Wins Coveted Contract with Saudi Arabia
NORCROSS, Ga. – Top executives from Mighty Distributing System of America (Mighty Auto Parts) recently returned from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, wh... Read More

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Following the custom of organizing an annual entertainment.

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